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Auditing and Merchandising

During difficult times such as these it is essential that your products and services are situated correctly according to office agreement and planograms.

Do you know if your products and services are in the correct stores and in the correct on –shelf locations? Issues concerning non compliance, out of stock items, falling rate of sales and the possible threat of de-listing are very real.

Our retail auditors can check that your products and services are available and visible to your customers enabling you to maximise, selling opportunities. Our auditors can find your stock, and tell you if it is out, correctly displayed with appropriate labelling, pricing and POS and promotional material according to agreements. They can also look at the products and services of your competitors making sure they are not stealing your space.

Many items may have seasonal promotions and a short life span so monitoring is essential to avoid unnecessary stock returns.

JKS schedulers can plan visits to stores efficiently to reduce costs, and reporting of non compliance issues can be swiftly reported back to clients by email triggers and by  using our 24/7 online reporting system.

"Our Retail Auditors and exhibitionists will help you maximise your sales"


Exhibitions, Sampling and Demonstrations

Our JKS team are experienced in, exhibitions, and also offer sampling demonstrations encouraging customers to try products and services, raising awareness of your brand. They are selected for their experience and ability to talk to the public and encourage people to visit your stand.

All details for promotional staff are held on the JKS database, and each record documents the staff's personal details as well as their previous work experience, photos and any activity for JKS including their report results and an ‘Exhibitionist’ grading.
Where possible they are recruited from areas close to the event this enables us to keep costs competitive

We can offer briefing and training days, to ensure our exhibitionists are aware of your exacting requirements and the features and benefits of your products.