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Customer Focused Staff Training

"Blended Solutions"

In addition to our mystery shopping services JKS are an interactive training consultancy specialising in inspirational, creative and innovative training solutions.

We work alongside a team of experienced and professional training associates including a team of actors and can offer you our unique ‘Blended Solutions’ programme, combining both mystery shopping and innovative training.

Your mystery shopping results can help you to understand your company’s behaviors and attitudes when dealing with clients, and when passed on to our training team can produce 
a range of training solutions for maximum impact..

Role Play

Professional Role Play is a stimulating and realistic training tool that can be used in either one to one, or group situations adding an exciting and challenging dimension to your training and development programme.  Role Play can be applied to many areas of business including recruitment, negotiation, equality and diversity, appraisal, selling skills, and customer service the list is endless...

It allows you to learn by experimenting with language and behaviour giving you the experience to handle realistic situations when they arise.

Why use Actors?

Our actors will help you to concentrate your mind and allow you to be absorbed, entertained and educated.  Training will be conducted in a safe environment.

Professional actors provide honest feedback whereas work colleagues may only give good feedback for fear of reprisal.  
Role Play gives you the opportunity to interact with real people in a realistic way.

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is role-playing with a difference.  It is a highly effective training tool that is entertaining, energising, memorable and fun.

There is an audience (you) a stage (a room) along with some dynamic and convincing actors and facilitators (that’s us) 

Actors will perform a carefully scripted real life scenario that is relevant to your business environment. After watching the scenario it is then replayed and the audience are actively encouraged to make comments on what they have witnessed.



The scenario can be stopped at any point, rewound, and replayed over and over again.  The audience can input their ideas, and influence the words spoken, tone of voice, attitudes, body language, and behaviour of the actors in a safe and non threatening environment. It gives staff the opportunity to consider their own attitudes and behaviours and how these affect the workplace.

Each script will be researched with yourselves to best reflect your organisational environment, language and culture.  Your staff will feel empowered as they can speak to and question the actors altering their behaviour and creating best practice before their eyes.

Forum theatre can be used in a variety of ways such as, customer service skills recruiting and interviewing techniques, management and staff development, negotiating skills, sales training, and equality and diversity.

Training Films

If you want a lasting training tool our experienced team can create you a training DVD and training guide.

The films can be used for induction of new staff, to give information on your sales procedure, to highlight health and safety issues or best practice in customer service. 

Short pieces of films can also be created to send by intranet or internet to your employees, generating interest and anticipation before a training event.