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JKS Shopper Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you carefully read this agreement.

By clicking on the submit button on the application form you accept the following terms and conditions of undertaking assignments for JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited  

All applicants must have accepted these terms before they can be offered work.

Where reference is made to “Mystery Shopper”, “Shopper” “Surveyor” or “Researcher” this shall be deemed to mean any person undertaking mystery shopping assignments on behalf of JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited
Initial contact to you will be by letter, telephone or e-mail, when details of timing, location, fees and deadlines for completed assignments/reports will be discussed. By reaching verbal agreement all necessary paperwork and assignment briefs will be forwarded. Shoppers are under no obligation to accept any assignment, and JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited are under no obligation to provide regular work.

All shoppers who accept assignments are not classed as employees of JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited and whilst given assignments, shoppers are free to offer their services to other mystery shopping organisations.

On occasion there may be other essential purchases to be made as part of an assignment and these will be agreed beforehand. Under no circumstances will any extra or excess payments be paid out unless agreed with JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited , prior to the surveys. Receipts must be submitted for any items and in the event of no receipt, payment will be withheld.

All payments made are purely based on the type of survey and are not linked to the specific conducting of that survey. Shoppers will only be paid if survey reports are,
1 - Submitted on time
2 - The survey has been correctly carried out in accordance with the criteria laid out on the report.

In the event that one or both of the above are not fulfilled, JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited will reserve the right to withhold payment.

All shoppers are self- employed and responsible for their own tax payments.  You will complete an invoice for work carried out, which is at the end or your shopper report..  Payment is made by bank transfer and within the agreed time of 31 working days after the report has been submitted. .If we need to come back to you as part of your report is missing, inaccurate or incorrect this will have an impact on the date we pay you.  The payment is calculated from the date we receive a report with all information present and correct.

Whilst carrying out work for JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited all shoppers should behave in a courteous and professional manner and in the event of any shopper not fulfilling any aspect of a survey may be taken off of the JKS Mystery Shopping and  Training  Limited database.

The shopper should agree not to;
1. - Discuss any assignment with any person / Company other than staff of JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited .
2. - Duplicate or use information for any purpose other than for JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited. 
3. - Disclose paperwork and findings to a third party.
4. - Send details of the surveys to any other third party.
5. - Carry out any survey where there might be a conflict of interest, due to either family or friend involvement. If in any doubt this should be discussed before accepting the survey.

The copyright in all reports, questionnaires and forms remain the property of JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited.

It shall be your responsibility to ensure that the site you visit is safe to do so. If for any reason whatsoever the site is found not to be safe you should notify us immediately and not carry out the visit. JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Limited cannot be held responsible for the safety of each site as this is the direct responsibility of the site owner.

In the event that you suspect that you have been identified as one of our shoppers you should immediately notify us.  If you do not notify us and/or you identified because of your failure to adhere to the instructions you will not receive payment.

Toll charges, parking and standard company mileage rates will be paid where agreed beforehand.

If unable to perform an agreed assignment for any reason, JKS Mystery Shopping and Training  Limited must be notified immediately in order that the assignment can be offered to an alternative shopper. The consistent selecting of work which is not the carried out will result in you being removed from our database. .

If you submit a report without having carried out the required assignment or payment has been made to you and it is later discovered that the assignment was not completed by you we reserve the right to seek recover from you of the payment made to you together with any costs incurred by us and to this extent you agree to indemnify us against any loss we may suffer.

If we later discover that in making this application you have provided false information you will be immediately removed from our database and we will seek full recovery from you of any loss we may have suffered.

If any provision of these terms and conditions (whether in part or in whole) is held by a Court or jurisdiction to be illegal, or unenforceable the parties shall agree to amend the relevant provision as shall be necessary to ensure its application and the remaining provisions of the Contract shall remain full force and effect.

Any waiver by us of any breach of or any default under any provision of this agreement will not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach or default and will in no way affect the terms of this agreement.

These terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and construed in accordance with English law.

If after reading these terms and conditions you both understand and agree to abide them you are very welcome to apply to join our team. 

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