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Mystery Shopper Application

Before completing our online application form you will need to read and accept the following JKS Shopper terms and conditions:

Remember, this will be our first impression of your writing style and we need shoppers who can write comprehensive and objective reports following each assignment.

  • Treat your application as you would any other job application.

  • Convince us as to why we should consider your application.

  • Tell us why you would make a good mystery shopper.

  • Include any details of past employment and experience.

  • If we ask for a minimum number of characters, then please don’t ignore it as your application will be rejected.

  • Please write complete sentences that begin with a capital letter and end in a full stop.

  • You should pay attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  • Use paragraphs in large chunks of text.



Please complete the application form in a professional and detailed manner, if not you are highly unlikely to complete detailed reports for our clients. Your application form tells us a lot about you !

JKS Mystery Shopping and Training Ltd fully comply with the data protection act 1998.   Information submitted will be held on their database and used in the selection of mystery shopping staff.  This information may also be held by mystery shopping outsource companies working on their behalf, but will not be divulged for any purpose other than the allocation of mystery shopping assignments.