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Is Mystery Shopping just about buying things from shops?

Definitely not.  Obviously, some of our clients are well known retailers; however our clients and assignments are very varied. You may make an enquiry about a service by email, visit a local authority housing team, make a call to a care home.  There are lots of options.

What skills and experience do I need to become a Mystery Shopper?

We have outlined the key skills and attributes that make a great shopper here.

What happens when I register as a shopper with JKS?

You will have access to our JKS Shop Metrics Shopper Portal. Your details will be stored in our secure database, and you will be able to see job opportunities and submit any completed reports.  

How do I know what work is available?

To see available mystery shopping opportunities, you can navigate the job board, you can search by type or by geographical area.  You will also be sent email notifications of work available in your area.  You can apply for work and our shopper allocating team will look at your application and assign you the work as appropriate. 

What types of surveys will I be able to conduct?

Our job board changes every day. As we get new clients, we will post the work for you to apply for.  It may be a visit, telephone call, an email, online, video visit. If you are a mystery shopping newbie, we will try you out with a simple survey and then take it from there.
Our clients are very varied; mystery shopping is not just about purchasing from a retail store.  It involves assessing all types of customer service. You could be contacting a care home, a car dealer, a charity or visiting a restaurant, going to a gig or making a quick phone call to ask for information.

What and how do I get paid?

We pay you directly into your bank account. This is usually done 31 working days after you have completed your survey, and it has passed our quality checking control.

Each shopper assignment instructions will tell you how much you are to be paid. Sometimes it is a fee and other times it is reimbursement for a necessary spend such as food and drink in a restaurant.  All of this is outlined in your shopper briefing notes with each assignment.

How many mystery assignments can I do?

We take great pride in the service we offer to our clients, and you need to take the same amount of pride in your work as well. You MUST BE RELIABLE. You need to communicate with us when necessary and provide us with detailed reports that are 100% accurate.  If you do this, we will recognise you and you will be offered the best work.
The amount of work depends on how often we can use you for an assignment. For instance, we couldn’t send you into the same shop every week as you would be recognised.

Some shoppers register with lots of mystery shopping companies and work full time and others work part time for some extra income.

Can I decide which assignments I want to do?

Yes, it is completely up to what work you wish to complete.  Some shoppers do this work full time and others part time to earn some extra income

Where will I see the Jobs advertised?

Once you log into our JKS Shop Metrics’ portal you will be able to see all the work that is available.  You can search by type and by location.

How do I join the JKS Team?

Complete our registration form.

Once your application is approved you will be able to view our current opportunities and find your first mystery shopping assignment with JKS. Good Luck!