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Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone mystery shopping is a method used to evaluate the quality of customer service provided over the phone. This approach involves mystery shoppers calling your business posing as potential or existing customers, to assess various aspects of the phone interaction.

Telephone Mystery Shopping is one of the most popular forms of survey. Our calls are audio recorded and the recording can be accessed via our secure online reporting platform. We have a dedicated ‘media storage’ area where they can be played alongside any checklists and written reports. 

The data collected from these mystery calls are analysed, providing you with detailed feedback and actionable insights to improve your telephone customer service.

We make hundreds of calls every month to businesses. We can also contact call centres, customer service desks and help lines.  We can order items, ask for information and advice, receive call backs, assessing the response times and quality of engagement.

If you already record your calls, then we can listen to those calls for you and use an agreed checklist/score card to assess them. 

For more information to see how Telephone Mystery Shopping can improve service quality and help you to maintain a competitive edge, call us on 07447 942887 for a chat, or complete the form below for a no obligation quote.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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