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Charity and Fundraising Mystery Shopping

Street and Private Site Fundraising

Mystery Shopping for Charity Fundraisers involves sending our mystery shoppers to pose as potential donors at fundraising events, on the high street, at shopping centres, inside supermarket foyers and other fundraising activities.

Our mystery shoppers evaluate the fundraising process, interactions and compliance with regulations to ensure that the charity’s practices are effective, ethical and aligned with its mission.  They observe the process, noting fundraisers approach, how they engage with people and communicate. They note what they say to encourage people to donate and provide detailed feedback on their experience.

If your charity uses external fundraising agencies, our mystery shoppers evaluate their performance to make sure they align with your charity’s standards.

Our service allows you to address key issues:
  • Regulatory Codes of Conduct – monitor your fundraisers comply with key fundraising regulations
  • Charity reputation – Identify if the public image and trust of your charity, is encouraging people to support and donate to you
  • Improve fundraising techniques – implement best practices in fundraising, leading to more effective campaigns and higher donation rates
  • Training – use insights to train fundraisers on how to best engage with potential donors
  • Consistency – ensure that all fundraising efforts, whether they are in-house or outsourced, meet the same high standards of quality and compliance.

Charity Shops

Our service is also available to charities with high street charity shops.  Our shoppers can visit your store and check all aspects of the customer journey.  They can start off by bringing a donation to the shop and note the process taken.  Were they asked if they had left donations before and told of their Gift Aid options.

Was the layout of the store appealing, was stock in order, clearly priced, clean and well presented. Were staff attentive and customer focussed.  Did they attempt to add on or upsell and were you made aware of any refund or returns policies.

Implementing a mystery shopping programme for your charity can lead to significant improvements in fundraising effectiveness, donor satisfaction and overall reputation.


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