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JKS can deliver your data results and reports in 3 formats.

  1. Web: your company can view your very latest results 24/7 on our website.  Each of your mangers will have access to their individual account and be able to view only what you wish them to see.

  2. Email:  Haven't the time to check the website daily? We can send the data to you via email.  You can choose to be emailed every time a survey is published or only when a high or low scoring survey is published

  3. Print and Excel:  We can turn any selection of surveys or summary report into a PDF document ready for easy printing. And can turn any data into an excel spread sheet.

JKS has a fast, easy to use and flexible mystery shopping reporting system. With a suite of over 20 interactive reports that have been carefully selected to meet the most common client needs. 

JKS reporting allows you to look at a variety of reporting such as:

  • Location reports
  • Survey Reports
  • Trending and Graph reports
  • Multiple Survey Reports
  • Manager Reports
  • Demographic reports
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports

If you don’t have the time to navigate and dig through reports on a daily basis we can offer you a customized dashboard to bring the data to you as soon as you log in!


Four Quadrant dashboard - Just want the nuts and bolts?  The four quadrant dashboard delivers no-nonsense reports that focus on the critical data you need to know on a frequent basis. – Trending, ranking, score distribution and more!

Animation dashboard – want the bells and whistle?  Our animated dashboards break down your organisations performance on specific surveys with sizzle and style!

Head to Head - Our Head to head reports provide a side by side comparison of 2 or more types of survey.  This can be exceptionally useful in comparing mystery shopping results with web and telephone customer satisfaction surveys.  At a glance you can answer the crucial question;   how do our company standards correlate to actual customer satisfaction?

Weather report - Our weather reports use full graphics and illustrate each shops performance within company and historical context: Each one is completely customizable we can hide, redesign, rearrange, or even create new metrics of your choosing!

Who’s Hot? Who’s Not  The JKS who’s Hot and Who’s not report puts a spotlight on the strongest and weakest performers in any organisation.  It will gather the top average scorers, top movers, bottom average scorers and  bottom movers in their own quadrants in a clear, easy to understand bar graph. 

Data collection, delivery and reporting we have the complete system for measuring your customer experience.

To get started, and for a demonstration, please contact us today.

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