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Contact Centre/Call Centre Mystery Shopping

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Here at JKS we monitor thousands of calls to contact/call centres every month.  We can significantly support call and contact centres by evaluating their service quality, efficiency, and adherence to company standards.

As we are sure you are aware it is not just what is said to your customers, but HOW it is said that makes all the difference!

Mystery Shopping for Call Centres

Using an agreed scenario, our mystery shoppers ring your call centre posing as regular customers.  They record the calls and provide a written report of their experiences. 
Our call centre clients include those from a wide range of sectors, from insurance companies and retail customer service contact centres to local authorities, health and safety organisations, training companies, holiday operators and many more.
We monitor the process of your customer’s journey, whether you are looking to give expert advice and information about the service you offer, resolve a complaint or make that all important sale. 
  • Service Quality Assessment:  by posing as regular customers, we will assess the friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge of your call centre agents and, importantly, their attitude and behaviour when dealing with your customers.
  • Compliance and Standards Monitoring: we ensure that agents are following company protocols, scripts, and regulatory requirements, identifying areas where staff may need additional training or guidance
  • Performance Benchmarking:  regular mystery shopping will allow you to compare performance over time, helping you to track improvements or identify recurring issues.
  • Customer Experience Insights:  detailed feedback from our mystery shoppers can uncover specific pain points in the customer journey, enabling you to address and improve these areas effectively.
  • Training and Development: the insights can be used to tailor training programmes, focusing on identified weaknesses and reinforcing best practices.
  •  Employee Motivation and Accountability: knowing that our mystery shopping evaluations may occur can motivate your staff to consistently perform at their best, fostering a culture of accountability and excellence.

Contact Centre Call Monitoring

Why not take advantage of our Contact Centre call monitoring service?  If you already have your calls recorded, we can assess those calls for you. We can listen to recordings and assess them using an agreed checklist.  The results are accessible via our online portal.


All our reporting is accessed online via our secure Shopmetrics portal. You simply log in to see any written reports and listen to the audio recordings.  Key management reports are available to view enabling you to see best performance on a company wide or regional basis.

In summary, we can provide your call centre with valuable insights and data that will enhance your service quality, ensure compliance and continually improve customer experience. If you want to find out more about our call centre services, then please call us on 07447 942887 or complete the form below.

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