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Local Authority Mystery Shopping

Improving customer service delivery, satisfaction and council reputation.

Despite these difficult financial times, local authorities still have a responsibility to provide value for money services, increase customer satisfaction and meet their national and local indicators. Tackling avoidable contact can decrease waste and reduce the resources required to service customers, increasing reputation and customer satisfaction.

Utilising the experience of skilled mystery shoppers to benchmark and analyse your current service delivery and review how efficient your processes are is a cost effective and independent way of making sure that you do not waste your valuable resources.

Who are we?

JKS was established in 1999 to offer a comprehensive mystery shopping and training service across public, commercial and voluntary sectors throughout the UK.

The company has now grown to cover a wide range of industries with a prestigious client base. Those relevant to the public sector include, Wolverhampton Council, Derbyshire County Council and Kirklees District Council. We have also worked with Champneys Health Spa, HB Leisure, Royal Horticultural Society and various visitor attractions so have a useful mix of public sector and commercial culture experiences. Our consultants are skilled and experienced in both local authority and commercial customer service delivery and can offer professional and helpful advice for your particular circumstances. 

What can we offer?

We offer a full range of mystery shopping surveys including video, face to face, telephone, email and web enquiries.  Our reporting is online and accessible 24/7 providing an instant full range of reporting tools, and trigger alerts if required.  Hierarchy can be set allowing customers to view all or part of surveys. Our shoppers (13,000) are based around the UK and represent a wide range of demographics. Our reporting can give you a suite of 25 standard reports that can be used for training and executive reporting and training is provided in how to use this.
More than just mystery shopping

In addition to measuring and analysing the service provision within each of your service areas, we can help you to use the information to improve your service delivery, enhance your reputation and to reduce waste. Examples are :

  • Provide workshops to introduce mystery shopping to staff and train managers on how to present the results to gain the most impact.
  • Review the training needs of your staff and provide bespoke training or coaching to assist them to improve frontline and back office delivery to your required standard.
  • Work with your frontline staff to analyse the customer journey and obtain the most effective and efficient ways of delivering the service – this could be to review how they use systems, or how they interact with back office areas.
  • Help to reduce avoidable contact by reviewing the way information is provided through all channels and suggest process improvements to reduce double handling and resource waste.
We will be happy to discuss your requirements further and put together a plan which suits your needs.


JKS are a reputable mystery shopping company who have been trading since 1999.
If you would like to learn how JKS can help your local authority provide value for money services, increase customer satisfaction and meet national and local indicators.
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