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Residential and Nursing Care Homes

Here at JKS we work with the UK’s leading Residential and Nursing Care Home providers.   Our mystery shopping and training services provide a full assessment of your care home managers and nursing staff along with any home care and domiciliary services you may offer.  Our services help you to improve your occupancy levels and maximise your income.

Mystery Shopping

Our bespoke mystery shopping for care homes includes email, telephone and face to face surveys.  The mystery Shopping surveys will typically look at how your staff handles the difficult journey and decisions made by families wanting to place their loved ones into care.

Our highly trained mystery shoppers will send emails and make telephone enquiries to your residential or nursing home or retirement village.   This will be followed up by announced or unannounced visits to the care home.

Visits will assess the first impressions of the home, the greeting and welcome from health care professionals.  It will assess rapport building, the ‘tour of facilities’ the asking of questions and handling of objections.   We monitor when fees and funding are discussed, what marketing materials are used and ask would you ‘trust this home to look after you loved one’?

We will work alongside you to devise a meaningful and useful report questionnaire which will help you to identify exactly what you are doing well and how you can improve your service.

Our reports are accessible 24/7 via our secure website and recorded calls and videos can also be viewed.


Here at JKS we work with many care providers.  Our mystery shopping for residential and nursing care home providers gives us valuable information on how we can help you to improve your occupancy levels and maximise your income.  This information gathered from mystery shopping can be scripted by our talented pool of actors.

Our healthcare actors can train your staff in how to deal with the most challenging of circumstances.  Our actors portray a variety of characters and personalities that may represent a family wishing to place their loved one into care.

Within a safe and supportive environment, your care home and nursing staff can practice their rapport building, questioning skills, handling of objections and learn to market the home to its full potential whilst being ethical and honest.

Fee Benchmarking of Care Homes

Here at JKS we can contact your care sector competitors by email, phone or by a face to face visit.  We can find out what residential or nursing care facilities they offer and at what price. 

Whether, you are a care home operator, an independent care home provider, or retirement village.  We can offer services across the health care sector including home care and domiciliary services.

If you would like to learn more about mystery shopping companies services including customer satisfaction research please contact us today.