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Automotive Mystery Shopping

JKS offer a unique system of mystery shopping and innovative and creative training for car dealerships and the automotive sector, helping to deliver service excellence at every opportunity in the most cost effective way.

Automotive Mystery Shopping 

Our mystery shopping programmes will look at key customer contacts or ‘moments of truth’ that influences whether your customers will use your services, return and recommend to others.

Our clients include, manufacturers, franchised and independent dealerships, training colleges, car hire companies, tyre and accessory companies. 
We can even mystery shop your competitors! 

automotive mystery shoppingUnderstanding the brand is the first challenge but the real challenge is enabling all of your sales and after sales teams to translate the brand values into an excellent customer experience for each customer contact. JKS understands these challenges and will be working with manufacturers and dealers to help make the challenge of excellent customer service become a day to day reality. 

Whether you are a newly opened car hire company or an established chain of car dealerships we can help you devise a suitable mystery shopping campaign. 
We will first of all meet with you to discuss your exact requirements and find out exactly what you wish to monitor.
We will then devise a suitable questionnaire for your organisation.  Each questionnaire is bespoke so you can be guaranteed to have something that is totally appropriate to your needs. Scoring and weighting will be added so you can focus on what is important to you. 
A schedule of visits will be agreed and could be weekly, monthly or quarterly.  We will prepare everything for you including shoppers briefs and agree a shopper spend if appropriate.
Reports willl be available to you using our 24/7 online reporting system, providing you with a comprehensive suite of reports.

We can also make mystery telephone calls, video surveys and access your website to make enquiries.

Customer Feedback

Our Customer Feedback Cards and Online Feedback Questionnaires can capture the thoughts of your 'Real' customers.

We can help you to devise a suitable branded questionnaire and feed the results into our online analysis tool.  Questionnaires can be available as cards for your customers to provide feedback or via your own website. You can offer incentives to customers to complete them such as prize draws or vouchers.

The feedback will quickly give you an idea of how you are performing and results can be compared against your mystery shopping surveys.


Our Forum Theatre training uses actors and is an entertaining and highly effective training methodology.  Our actors use evidence gathered from your mystery shopping results and engage your staff in innovative training and workshops.  Helping to embed the importance of first class customer service.
We will be happy to discuss your requirements further and put together a plan which suits your needs.


JKS are a reputable mystery shopping company who have been trading since 1999. If you would like to learn how JKS can help your company provide value for money services, and increase customer satisfaction.
Then please call us now on 01509 561399 for a free no obligation quote or click for more details of our mystery shopping services.